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  • 7 Days of Mindfulness Practices (meditation, gratitude, journaling, affirmations) that will help relieve stress and make the detoxification process more meaningful.
  • Cheat Day Safety List
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I'm Jess Guidroz and creating this program has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I'm so excited for you to give it a try! A little bit about me...

I inspire, coach, and educate people on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives.

As a life coach, nutritionist, & teacher, I help people all over the world create lifestyles that thrill them, give them meaning, and become the healthiest & happiest versions of themselves. I help give themselves permission to be vulnerable, authentic, and fully alive.

I’ve worked as a personal trainer and nutritionist for over 8 years, served as a public school English teacher for 3 years, played high school & college basketball, and married an amazing woman who just birthed our beautiful baby boy.

My central focus is to help empower people through nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness, and to bring wild and vibrant energy wherever I go
Working with Jess completely changed my life! He helped me not only eat better, but understand the WHY behind it. Once I knew why certain foods were good for my body & why revisiting my vision & setting my intention daily is so crucial to my happiness, it was an absolute game-changer for me.
My body has never looked and felt so amazing! When I followed the healthy meal plans Jess laid out for me I realized that everything from my energy level to my self-esteem to even my quality of sleep improved drastically.
I am a busy mom of two babies, and often times I don’t take care of myself as much as I should. Jess helped me make meditation and exercising a priority and a part of my every day routine. I always thought that I didn’t have time, but this course helped me realize that I have time for what I make time for. These changes in my life have changed it drastically for the better! - Alyssa
Thank you so much for sharing your program, motivation, and time! I was in desperate need of refocusing. I am sort of a weird case; I am pretty fit, but I am also overweight. I am tall and muscular but still weighed 230 at the start (30% body fat). I love being active, but food is my struggle. 

My goals at the start were to lose 5 lbs, drastically cut sugar, and BELIEVE in myself.  I have done many programs and have lost 30 lbs over the last few years, but I have kinda been slacking and staying in the same range the last year and a half. The other programs ONLY focused on diet and exercise. I love that this program made me think about where I am mentally and spiritually as well. This has provided me the motivation and belief in myself that I can succeed! 

Writing in my journal was essential to keeping my focus throughout the day and through the sugar cravings. I was successful at cutting my sugar intake and though I went through some pretty cranky withdrawals...But I made it! I lost 10 lbs on the dot...whew! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! - April
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